Right Now This Hospital is Using Detection Dogs

There are recent studies to show that our canine friends can accurately identify certain human disease. We do know that dogs can be trained to tell us when they detect C-diff. We know that dogs can conduct screening quickly and efficiently, without undo interruption or interference to your tasks.

Dogs at work in BC.

Vancouver Coastal Health, the health authority that oversees the city’s general hospital initiated the use of a single dog in 2015 to detect and alert to the presence of c-diff. “Hospitals use ultraviolet light to find the bacteria, but Angus can move much more quickly and efficiently through rooms. Once he detects the bacteria, the area is cleaned ....”. Says Teresa Zurberg the dog’s trainer.

Vancouver Coastal Health reports a decrease in CDI. Now 3 out of 5 BC health authorities are on board, and Dr. Elizabeth Bryce, Regional Medical Director for Infection Control, Vancouver Coastal Health says they are rolling the program province wide.

“Angus and his human and canine colleagues are saving lives and helping to transform infection control practices around BC”. States Allison Muniak, Executive Director, Quality and Patient Safety, Infection prevention and control at Vancouver Coastal Health.

dogs detect c-diff

view this video produced by Great West Life

You can also see Teresa and Angus on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/angusk9

IPAC Canada posted this from the Weekly News Round UP.  It's a story about Angus working in the BC interior

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