Qualification to find Clostridium Difficile on Surfaces

The Scent of C-diff

"Sterile Supernatant from culture of Clostridium Difficile"

It's our dogs' target odour, the thing he hunts.

See how we train to locate c-diff on surfaces.
clostridium difficle in a bottle


Our working dogs are specifically selected for their genetic traits of hunters and searchers.

Our dog passes the Alberta service dog public access test, and each dog completes a scent training program by top professionals.

After thousands of searches we humans learn to trust our dog, and we have a method to verify his findings.

Our Spaniel

- has a terrific nose.
- is an investigative hunter
- is totally focused on C-diff
- has the energy to fulfill his job
- appears friendly and safe


Our handlers are experienced professionals who are trained specifically to help reduce the rate of infection.

We are pleased to have in our corner Canada's best professional trainers, and your hospital's IPAC team.

The Back-Office Team

Our business consultant (MBA and CPA) has successfully managed a large recognized Canadian service company.

Our director is David C. Nichols. He resides in Barrie with his professor wife. David is a business person with a solid background in management and holds a strong sense of duty and a respect for protocol.


How Do I Start this Journey?