Benefits for K9 C-diff Detection

An Outbreak

chews resources,

     eats your money,
and sheds harm.

A Budget Challenge

Benjamin Rogers over at Trillium Health Partners has developed a real time cost calculation tool to accurately describe the financial burden of outbreaks. You can fetch the 2019 webinar at IPAC Canada, it's cleverly titled "COST OF OUTBREAKS".    Benjamin is currently writing his manuscript on Outbreak Cost Analysis with the goal of being accepted as a publication in 2020.        

Shorten the time and cost of a C-diff outbreak

  • - The bill to sweep a clinical unit is less than 15% of what you would allocate for an OMT meeting.

  • - In one day you'll see where C-diff is hiding and which areas are clear.  

  • - Finding and then killing the bacteria breaks the chain of infection.

  • - Surveillance leads to quick protocol adjustments.

How do you measure a cost avoidance?

  C-diff located by K9 Finley zeroed to the odour leaking from this container.    The garbage can held an out-patient dressing.   EVS was called, the bag was carefully disposed and the can washed with bleach.  

Here's where it gets interesting.

The unit staff saw first-hand a gap in their protocols, and quickly made adjustments.
   Contact tracing anyone?

                    Vancouver Coastal has been using C-diff dogs since 2012, See this video

Dogs Doing Good Work

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