Benefits for K9 C-diff Detection




A Challenge

A dog sniffing for a bacteria is innovative and may need the support of the executive suite. You may have strong support if you are nearing an outbreak or you numbers need to improve.    It's tough to prioritize and evaluate when your hospital is under staffed, under budget, and jammed with patients.

An Opportunity

  • - At $100 per clinical unit the cost for an audit won't bust your budget.

  • - K9 C-diff detection is a method to quickly detect and monitor contamination.

  • - The K9 team increases staff engagement and provides a natural flow to education based on real-time alerts.

  • - A partial audit highlights and addresses gaps in cleaning and infection control practices.

  • - Finding C-diff decreases the risk to patients and staff.

  • - Routine application of the K9 team produces valuable surveillance data.

A Typical Encounter and Engagement

  C-diff located by K9 Finley zeroed to this container from three rooms away. The strongest odour ever encountered.    The garbage can held an out-patient dressing.   EVS was called, the bag was carefully disposed and the can washed with bleach.  

Here's where it gets interesting. 
Unit staff understood the implications and immediately disinfected work surfaces. The unit staff saw first-hand a gap in their protocols, and quickly made adjustments. Everybody is happy.

A new resource -  with value for EVS and infection control.

Dogs Doing Good Work

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