Long Term Care C-Diff Outbreak Response

A C-diff outbreak in your home is bad news.

Our dog and IPAC team
quickly resolves your C-diff outbreak

C-diff causes harm and places your residents and staff at risk.  Now, you can see where C-diff is lurking, and where to prioritize your cleaning efforts. Having our team on your floor is an amazing experience, appreciate by staff and inspectors.

  • - Reduce the spread of infection.
  • - Identify IPAC gaps, resulting in improvements.
  • - it is a means for problem solving.
  • - Complies with the LTC Act.
  • - it’s a pleasant and positive activity.


  • - Very low cost and zero staff prep time.
  • - Follows IPAC's Audit Tool Kit.
  • - Fast and proven effective.
  • - Evidence based.
  • - Has strong support of unit staff.
  • - An excellent vehicle for threat analysis.

K9 Team's Ethics

  • Integrity
  • An obligation to report accurately.
  • Due professional care.
  • Confidentiality and security of information.
  • Independent objectivity.
  • accurate surveillance report.

Doing Good Work

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