Long Term Care C-Diff Outbreak Response

Infection Prevention
and Control


A Partnership for your Home

Finley, Ontario's only C-diff detection K9, is a partner in this innovative program to reduce risks to staff and residents. He's an expert who instantly triages surfaces and equipment for this harmful bacteria. Our humans are senior Infection Control Professionals with years of experience managing acute care projects. This real-time IPAC support protocol is a means to measure and make suggestions.

Three levels of Support

The first level is a sweep for C-diff by the K9 and handler, which works well only if you have someone qualified in infection control practices. It's a one day singular purpose sweep of most areas in your home. It's a fast method to get control of your C-diff outbreak.

Next up is a mid-range approach. A qualified infection control professional conducts an IPAC observational audit. The aim of this level of audit is to measure how you're doing today and to make suggestions for a mitigation strategy. It's actually pleasant, relaxed, informal, and low cost.

Alternatively, depending on your starting point, you may require the formality of a process audit. This may take several days over a three month period.

Why bother?

  • - Think of it as having the resources and backup of you own IPAC professional without a hit on your budget.
  • - Reduce the spread of infection and lower the risk to staff and patients.
  • - Identify IPAC and EVS gaps so you can initiate improvements.
  • - The Observational and Process Audit measures and gives you a plan today, for a very small investment.
  • - The audit does not lay blame.
  • - it is a means for problem solving.
  • - Zero staff prep time.
  • - it’s a pleasant and positive activity.


  • - Partnering with an dependent IPAC team is a good call.
  • - Follows IPAC's Audit Tool Kit.
  • - Fast and proven effective.
  • - Complies with the LTC Act.
  • - No guessing, you collect hard evidence.
  • - Has strong support of unit staff.

K9 Team's Ethics

  • Integrity
  • An obligation to report accurately.
  • Due professional care.
  • Confidentiality and security of information.
  • Independent objectivity.
  • accurate surveillance report.

Doing Good Work

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