A Dog locates Clostridium Difficile on Surfaces

Clostridium Difficile
Detection Program
For your hospital


It's all about infection prevention and control.

A handler and his dog provide effective and fast detection throughout your hospital

We are ready right now to locate
c-diff on surfaces.

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Finley a spaniel mix is a C-diff detective

This bold opportunity will be available very soon on a cost effective outsource basis.

Make the call.


Several breeds can do this "work".

We selected a mid-to-small spaniel who looks cute and friendly, has the soul of a hunter and likes this game of "search".

Finley Finds C-Diff on Surfaces

He's a mix - and perfectly trained for finding C-diff in your hospital.

OK, I really like the English springer, field or bench.


- has a terrific nose.
- is genetically a hunter
- is totally focused on his job
- has the energy to fulfill his job
- is not aggressive
- is even tempered and confident
- outgoing investigative attitude
- does not have pointy ears
- travels well by car and plane

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