Training a dog to locate C-diff


A dog and his nose.

The scent of C-diff


This liquid is produced in Ontario by a PHAC licensed microbiology lab.

The content of this glass bottle is sterile supernatant from culture of Clostridium Difficile.

Right, it holds the odour of C-diff without the nasty pathogens.

50 cotton tips are place in a glass specimen jar, we add 2cc's of sterile liquid C-diff, shake and let marinate for 48 hours. Our dog finds the odour of C-diff A single tip is placed in a small metal box with a sliding cover. cotton tips with C-diff used for scent detection The "hide" is placed for the dog to locate, and receive his reward of a tiny chunk of dried liver. Yum Yum. Do this a thousand times....


It's all about infection prevention and control.

Our training program follows the SWGDOG guidelines for scent detection teams. We modify this program to meet your unique needs of "interior search with hospital protocol".

It takes a significant effort to be successful at finding c-diff in your hospital.

He and his handler devote hundreds of hours to refine their skills. The training never ends....

Finley finds C-diff in Hospitals

We'll happily share details and records about our training program.